LĪGA (Latvia)


NAME: Līga Britāla
E-MAIL: liga.britala@ut.ee
PROGRAMME: Master’s in Materials Science and Technology

Why did you choose to study this programme?

I studied Chemistry in my Bachelor’s, however, I did not want my options to be limited to that field alone, so I applied for Materials Science and Technology which incorporates the more applied side of chemistry as well as physics, to widen the scope of my future career opportunities. An additional bonus was the high ranking of the University of Tartu in the world’s university rankings, guaranteeing top-quality studies and a competitive degree that opens possibilities all around the world. It has proven to be everything I expected, and even more – I got to develop my entrepreneurial side as well!

Why Estonia?

After spending an Erasmus semester here and having seen how beautiful Estonian nature, Tartu and its people are, I had no doubt that I wanted to return to Estonia for my master’s degree. I love the cold weather, I admire the grounded, calm, but productive people, and I adore the language that doesn’t cease to make me laugh, being so similar yet different to Latvian. Estonia has definitely earned a special place in my heart over the years. Besides the excellent education opportunity, everything else (the cold weather, the familiar mentality of the people, and the wild nature) makes me feel like I am home, away from home.

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