NAME: Joseph Haske
PROGRAMME: Actuarial and Financial Engineering

Why did you choose to study this programme?

While I looked at several programs before applying, I ultimately chose Actuarial and Financial Engineering because of my interest in financial instruments and mathematics. The programme’s flexibility is impressive; after getting a broad exposure to what the programme offers, the elective classes will allow me to continue exploring my interests.  Additionally, the variety of fields in which I can work after graduation is incredible. These factors combined led me to choose Actuarial and Financial Engineering at the University of Tartu.

Why Estonia?

After graduating with a bachelor’s degree, I wished that I had studied abroad. As a result, I decided to do my entire master’s degree abroad; when I searched for top universities with degrees taught in English, the University of Tartu was highly ranked and recommended. After many weeks of research, I decided that Estonia was the best place to continue my education. Two reasons Estonia stood out were the accessibility of information and the high ranking of its programmes.

Estonia’s high digitalization level made it incredibly simple to find all the information I needed. I could be and feel well informed, despite never having traveled outside of North America before. The University of Tartu is ranked highly in the world. Since I found the university a few years before I was able to apply, I watched it rise every year in the world rankings. This rise showed me that the university is continually working to improve its academic programmes and student services.

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