HYEONJI (South Korea)

Ambassador (not available this semester due to exchange studies)

NAME: Hyeonji Yoon
E-MAIL: hyeonji.yoon@ut.ee
COUNTRY: South Korea
PROGRAMME: Bachelor’s in Business Administration

Why did you choose to study this programme?

I have been interested in market system and economics since I was a high school student and consistently wanted to deepen my knowledge in the field of business and finance. The most attractive point of this study is that I can apply what I learned in the course into the reality. In this term, I can say it is a practical field. The programme offers a myriad of options for student’s careers that helps them decide and build their own future. Moreover, its international environment is useful as there are subjects about international cultures and environments. Students can directly listen to vivid stories from diverse countries. These are my primary reasons of choosing this programme.

Why Estonia?

I felt Estonia is well-structured in general compared to other countries. It is well-known for its IT so even when I started to write an application, it was easy and simple to follow procedures and every step was clear. As I have a little background in the country and it is tough when the system is complicated but it was a pleasant experience in that respect. In addition, Estonia provides high quality of study with affordable price. Its tuition fee and living costs are relatively low and stable. Lastly, my favorite feature in Tartu is nature. It is beautifully balanced with infrastructure and nature.

* International Student Ambassadors can tell you about living in Tartu and their study programme. All questions about scholarships, application procedure, and required documents must be directed to studyinfo@ut.ee. You can also fill in an online form.