NAME: Brandon Autrey
PROGRAMME: Master’s in Software Engineering

Why did you choose to study this programme?

I am interested in the practical side of Software in making applications that many people can use and how these software can be used to empower businesses. This programme teaches the technique expertise to build scalable applications and the business sense to manage them. The programme offers a unique opportunity to participate in the Industrial Master’s Programme, which is an internship over 1.5 years to apply the skills I have learned in class to a company. I was accepted to work for Pipedrive as a part of this programme.

Why Estonia?

Estonia is known as the Silicon Valley of Europe and has many technology companies located here. Combined with their e-governance systems, I wanted to experience a country that values technology in all parts of the country. The longer I live here, the more I value all the technological improvements they have. Estonia is a country of beautiful nature in a cold climate. Coming from a warm temperate climate in America, seeing the seasons change and the days shorten and lengthen has been exciting. Each season is unique and beautiful in its own way and you never get tired of the scenery as it is always changing around you. Hiking through the forests, there is always something magical to find; whether berries, animals, bugs, or mushrooms, it is a really serene place to go visit to let off stress from studying.

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