NAME: Binghua Liu
PROGRAMME: Master’s in Contemporary Asia and Middle Eastern Studies

Why did you choose to study this programme?

When I did my research, I have looked into all the programmes I might be interested in and this programme caught my eyes. The structure of the programme is really interesting. It coveres the globalization, Asia and Middle Eastern civilization, mindset, business and politics. I like to learn more about business-related topics within this programme. Business is not an individual topic, it’s related to culture and polity. So, I think this programme would help me learn more about how to make a business with Asia and Middle East region from western perspective.

Why Estonia?

I wanted to go wherever in Europe, when I decided to study abroad. Estonia is a new name that came in front of me. I didn’t really know about Estonia’s history before. I looked it up, and I saw the opportunities behind this beautiful small country. There are a lot of forests and lovely nature here. Maybe it’s a new independent country, so people here are open to new ideas, technologies and new start. I am looking for the new start of my life too, so I think that would be a great opportunity for my future.

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