AYAZ (Azerbaijan)


NAME: Ayaz Karimov
EMAIL: ayazkarimov3@gmail.com
COUNTRY: Azerbaijan
PROGRAMMEMaster’s in Innovation and Technology Management

Why did you choose to study this programme?

Even though I did my bachelor in Economics and Public Finance, I was always interested in coding, innovations, and data science. When I search about the department, I found out that apart from teaching theories, practical sessions play also an important role, and that is what I was looking for exactly. As a deputy head of Khan Academy Azerbaijan, I needed to get the knowledge to manage the e-education platform and ITM is quite appropriate one from this perspective.

Why Estonia?

While applying to different universities for master’s, I wanted to choose the country that offers various opportunities. Hereby, Estonia is the best one for me because of the ecosystem that helps to build up your own start-up easily, conditions for self-improvement and learning with the cutting-edge implementations. Furthermore, nature which you live in is quite important and since Tartu is full of trees, you never feel like depressive. Then, Estonia is a heaven for people like me, who are fond of cold weather (Chionophile).

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