ANNA (Ukraine)


NAME: Anna Albert
COUNTRY: Ukraine
PROGRAMME: Master’s in Innovation and Technology Management

Why did you choose to study this programme?

The story of my passion for innovation and technologies dates back to my freshman year of university, when I started my first internship as a project manager in an IT company. Since then, I started to work in the field while pursuing a computer engineering degree. However, my work in software development companies was not as a developer, but a manager. After three years of real experience, I felt that I lacked theoretical knowledge and decided to search for a master programme.

The Innovation and Technology programme was love at first sight. The scope and subjects seemed to be very interesting and about something I did for years but never studied. Thus, I applied, and got accepted.

Why Estonia?

My choice was not based on the country but by the programme I wanted to study. Hence, Estonia became part of my life and is my second love after the programme I study.

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