AMIT (India)


NAME: Amit Singh
PROGRAMME: Master’s in Software Engineering

Why did you choose to study this program?

Since I studied Software Engineering for my Bachelor’s, the possibilities of mapping and solving real world issues through software(s) had me longing for more. Having overseen the tremendous benefits that accrue through the adoption of technology, I wished to play a more impactful role in the development of software systems which would be targeted towards simplifying complex human needs, henceforth fostering innovation in the technology space.

Why Estonia?

An extremely renowned faculty, a milieu replete with academic activity and a meticulously designed course which ensures superior education are the factors which motivated me to choose the University of Tartu. In all frankness, I wanted to experience all aspects of an unfamiliar culture. Estonia is Europe’s startup hub, a bliss for tech-students like me. Higher education in Estonia can be pursued at a good value, with relatively low tuition fees, living costs and several scholarships for international students. It is also one of the safest places on the planet with untouched natural beauty and friendly people.

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