CAMILA (Columbia)


NAME: Camila Panqueva
COUNTRY: Columbia
: IT Law

Why did you choose your program?

I was looking forward to continuing my education with a program which complimented my working experience. My research helped me find the University of Tartu’s  IT Law Master’s program, which was just what I was looking for. IT distinguishes itself combining both technical and practical skills, which will certainly give me a broad perspective of the application of the law. There is no doubt that technology is the future and it is important to adjust and modernize the legislation to these changes.

Why Estonia?

Once I found the Master’s program, I started to do a little research about Estonia and the city of Tartu. I immediately discovered that it was a multicultural city open to international students with one of the most prestigious universities in the Baltics. Estonia is also an international leader in the field of IT and digital society, a perfect example of technological development. I can say that this city has also captivated me from the first moment I arrived. It is quiet, full of nature, and you can always find beautiful landscapes and places reminiscent of fairy tales.

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