vojimir ambassador from montenegro

VOJIMIR (Montenegro)


NAME: Vojimir Vlahović
EMAIL: vojimir.vlahovic@gmail.com*
COUNTRY: Montenegro
PROGRAMME: Wellness and Spa Service Design and Management

Why did you choose to study this programme?

Even before I finished my Bachelor studies in Hotel Management, I already started searching for Master programmes abroad. I was pretty sure that I would continue with the same programme somewhere else, but then I discovered this one – the world’s only Master in the field of Wellness and Spa Management. I realized that it could be a great opportunity for me to specialize in this area and combine it with my existing knowledge regarding tourism industry. Internship opportunity and tuition-waiver scholarships were also among the factors that determined my decision.

Why Estonia?

To be honest, I was never thinking about studying in Estonia before, as for me, just like for most of the foreigners, Estonia is something relatively unknown. Actually, ranking of the university, description of the programme, but also an extensive number of foreign students studying here, attracted me to come and start discovering the country on my own. Pärnu is a cozy coastal town, twice smaller than Tartu, but only 2-3 hours away from Tallinn, Tartu and Riga. In fact, it is the country’s most important spa destination, where you can learn a lot about your field of study, and not only by regular study visits, but also by experiencing the wellness yourself.

* International Student Ambassadors can tell you about living in Tartu and their study programme. All questions about scholarships, application procedure, required documents must be directed to studyinfo@ut.ee. You can also fill in an online form.