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TURAL (Azerbaijan)


NAME: Tural Abdulla
EMAIL: turalabdulla@gmail.com*
COUNTRY: Azerbaijan
PROGRAMME: Baltic Sea Region Studies

Why did you choose to study this programme?

I did my BA on European Studies, which covered European Union back in my home country. Thanks to my studies, I decided to narrow down and specialize in one of the regions of the European Union. Thus, after doing some research I found Estonia and the University of Tartu, which offered Master’s programme Baltic Sea Region Studies. I chose this programme because by studying Baltic Sea region, I could also experience and see those countries with my own eyes. There is a proverb in my country: “It is better to see, rather than hearing 100 times”.

Why Estonia?

My motto is ‘no matter which country, or institution becomes your destination learn as much as you can’. I chose Estonia, because my country and Estonia had some similar historical path, such as being part of the USSR. I wanted to compare and know how a small country like Estonia could develop so fast within few years. Even though Estonia is a small country, it offers so many things.

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