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LASHA (Georgia)


NAME: Lasha Robakidze
EMAIL: robakidze_lasha@yahoo.com*
COUNTRY: Georgia
PROGRAMME: Business Administration

Why did you choose to study this programme?

Even from my high school years, I was always interested in mathematics and technical subjects, also management, marketing, research and finances were always in my sphere of interest. Business Administration programme gives students broad intellect in many different directions and areas. This diversification helps students to decide their future profession easily. Exactly this was the main reason why I decided to study one of the most demanded programmes in the world.

Why Estonia?

Estonia is famous for its high level of education system. There are several universities, which are positioned on the top places in the world universities rankings. One of the strongest reasons why I chose Estonia is that, it is one of the affordable countries in Europe. After I started studying here, I learned more about Estonian culture and traditions, which was really awesome.

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