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NAME: Jason Mario Dydynski
EMAIL: jasondydynski@gmail.com*
PROGRAMME: Semiotics

Why did you choose to study this programme?

I had spent last year studying abroad in Estonia, and took some Semiotics courses. I felt the programme really helped expand on my previous knowledge and allow me to take an entirely new outlook on studying language and culture. I focus on studying minority languages and culture, and Semiotics allows me to look at culture and politics at an internal level.

Why Estonia?

I chose Estonia based on a language project I did my Freshman year of my Linguistics bachelors. I had to present on a language which also included giving some facts about the country. I was given Estonian language, then found the language and the culture to be truly interesting. So when applying for study abroad I though why not. Now I am back for another 2 years.

* International Student Ambassadors can tell you about living in Tartu and their study programme. All questions about scholarships, application procedure, required documents must be directed to studyinfo@ut.ee. You can also fill in an online form.