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IRISHA (Belarus)


NAME: Irisha Krepchuk
EMAIL: iryna.krepchuk@gmail.com*
COUNTRY: Belarus
PROGRAMME: Business Administration

Why did you choose to study this programme?

Business Administration at the University of Tartu goes far beyond typical Bachelor. This programme provides various subjects that help you clear your mind about your future. As I wasn’t sure which specialisation I wanted to pick up, yet I was determined to connect my life with economics, I decided to come to Tartu and study with students from all over the world, to get unique and amazing experience.

Why Estonia?

1. Estonia is 10 h drive from Belarus
2. Has a very prestigious University
3. Has a wonderful international environment
4. Gives so many opportunities
5. Once you visit Estonia, you will always want to come back

* International Student Ambassadors can tell you about living in Tartu and their study programme. All questions about scholarships, application procedure, required documents must be directed to studyinfo@ut.ee. You can also fill in an online form.