FIONA (Philippines)

Website Manager
NAME: Fiona Jade Lim
COUNTRY: Philippines
PROGRAMME: Wellness and Spa Service Design Management

Ambassador is temporarily inactive spending time studying abroad.

Why did you choose to study this programme?
When I finished my bachelor’s degree in Entrepreneurship in 2010, my next goal was to proceed for a specialized master’s degree, if there’s any.  It just have to be closely related to my passion in healing, well-being and transformational change.

So, I was looking for it intermittently for a year in 2011. When I found the programme, I couldn’t believe that it exists! Because most of the related courses were so far either short-term skills training or management workshops. I wanted a wholistic perspective of the global spa and wellness industry.

Six years passed and I am finally here, ready to go back to school and ticked it off from the bucket list.

Why Estonia?

After I knew about the programme, I learned that my friend’s sister was taking her MA in Estonia then. So, I asked her about the country, culture, people and her impressions. There were positive insights.

It’s a plus for me that Estonia is small, less-crowded, tech-savvy, and still full of greenery. There’s a place here to explore new depths and possibilities in life and adventure.

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