BOJANA (Croatia)

Ambassador (currently on exchange studies)

NAME: Bojana Zorić
EMAIL: bojana.zoric@gmail.com*
COUNTRY: Croatia
PROGRAMME: EU-Russia Studies

Why did you choose to study this programme?

With my MA diploma in Russian translation and Russian Culture and Literature, I wanted to broaden my views from linguistic and social perspective to more political and economic approach to important subjects such are the relations between Russia and European Union.  As a Croatian citizen I became aware of the problems which occur on everyday basis in relations with Russia. I want to understand European and Russian policy makers and be able to critically analyze current affairs among them. This is a unique programme which I believe offers the dual perspective and analysis of EU-Russia relations.

Why Estonia?

Estonia is a charming country and, despite the cold weather, very warm welcoming for foreigners. First time I came across with Estonia one and a half year ago and that was the decisive point where I realized I want to go back some day in order to explore more of what Estonia has to offer.

Moreover, its unique geopolitical position as a border state between the East and the West is helping me to understand its turbulent history and modern way of living. Also, there is no better country to study EU-Russia relations than Estonia. As a person from south of Europe, I find the northern culture, climate and traditions as something so different from what I am used to in an extremely positive way. Every day there is something new to explore and learn about, which is exactly what I find the most interesting about Estonia.

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